WOD - 05 Jan 2018 (Fri) | Chikara CrossFit

WOD - 05 Jan 2018 (Fri)

Follow along with the video for 5-10 repetitions per movement per side as a warm up. Then get busy!

25-Minute AMRAP:

1.) Alternating Back Lunge: 24x
2.) Pike Push Up: 12x
3.) Split Squat Right: 12x
4.) Push to Bear: 12x
5.) Split Squat Left: 12x
6.) Alternating Bear in Place: 24x
7.) Archer Push Up Right: 6x
8.) Archer Push Up Left: 6x
9.) Alternating Front Lunge to Raise: 12x
10.) Alternating Side Lunge to Raise: 12x


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