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Chikara Intramural CrossFit Open


Chikara Intramural Open Starts Today!


Teams have been decided! We divided teams up as evenly as possible based on skills & category. There are 3 team captains for each team that have been designated to lead the teams to rally for their participation points each week.

If you aren’t registered for the open yet, there is still time. You can hop on a team before the first workout score submission is due on Tuesday at 9am. Reach out to the captains to let them know!

Intramural Scoring


Each team will receive 1 point for each team…


Chikara is Opening Monday!


Our mission at Chikara is to educate and empower you to live the life you want. 

To do that, we provide opportunities for you to improve your health, wellness, and fitness.

With the guidelines provided by the Tokyo Government and Ministry of Health, we are confident that we can begin to do so in person once again.

Simple things, such as physical distancing, ensuring all training sessions are booked by appointment only, and having fewer than 8 athletes in our facility of 150sqm at once, are just some of the foundational guidelines our safety protocols are built upon.


Coronavirus Update - Gym Temporarily Closing


Well, the time has come.  The Prime Minister of Japan and the Tokyo Governor have declared a State of Emergency for Tokyo due to the Coronavirus situation. 

To abide by the Government's request and restrictions, Chikara will be closed beginning on Saturday, April 11th until further notice. 


We will have the following schedule changes the remainder of this week:

Thursday, 09 April - Open Gym from 6am - 9pm

Friday, 10 April - Open Gym from 6am - 7pm

What’s Next?

Don’t worry!  We got you! We have some exciting announcements we will make…


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