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Chikara Intramural CrossFit Open

Chikara Intramural Open Starts Today!


Teams have been decided! We divided teams up as evenly as possible based on skills & category. There are 3 team captains for each team that have been designated to lead the teams to rally for their participation points each week.

If you aren’t registered for the open yet, there is still time. You can hop on a team before the first workout score submission is due on Tuesday at 9am. Reach out to the captains to let them know!

Intramural Scoring


Each team will receive 1 point for each team member that does the workout and hands in their score sheet*.

Logging Scores on

Then each team will receive an additional point for each team member that logs their valid score* on the official CrossFit Games Website.

Team Spirit

Since we still need to limit the number of people in the gym at any given time, we’ll be taking the team spirit online!

Each team will receive an additional point for each team member that posts a picture or video each week to instagram. This will allow you to like, comment and encourage each other throughout the three weeks.

To earn the point for your team, make sure to tag us @chikaracrossfit, use the hashtag #ChikaraOpen21 and include your team name so we can find it and award your score. If you are not on Instagram, email us your photo to earn your point and we’ll post it on the Chikara CrossFit account.

*Note: If you are doing the workout at home, make sure you follow the instructions for video score submissions on You will need to have a video submitted that follows the guidelines. If you are not submitting an valid video from home on the CrossFit Games Website, send us your score sheet to get the point for participation.

Open Workout & Class Schedule

We’ll be running the open workouts in the following classes:

  • Friday 5:30pm, 6:45pm, 8pm* - *new for Open
  • Saturday 11:45am
  • Monday 6:00am, 7:10am, 8:20, 11:15am, 12:30pm

The CrossFit Open Group Classes will have a general warm-up together, then broken up into two heats to perform the workout. Half the class will perform the workout, while the other half judges. Then after a short rest we will switch roles.

For regular group classes on Friday Morning & Monday Evening, we will have the same regular workout.

If you are unable to perform the CrossFit Open workouts in the group classes, there will also be opportunities to perform make-ups Monday Evening, Tuesday Morning, and during Open Gym. There are also no equipment and foundation options of the workout that you could perform at home.

If you are making up the workout you will need to arrange your own judge to score your workout.


We will ask everyone to volunteer to judge each other during the group classes. While judging, you’ll be required to to keep at least 1 meter away from the athlete and also wear a mask.

We will explain each workout standard in the class. However make sure review the workout descriptions and movement standards on the CrossFit Website before coming to class.

If you want to learn more about judging and receive a judging certificate you can take the online course here.

Week 1 Workout 21.1 Is…

For full workout details, including scaling, foundations, and no equipment options, check out the official website:


There are 4 main divisions which you can participate in. You can choose each week which division you perform. Below are brief descriptions of each of the divisions.



The foundations version of the CrossFit Open allows anyone to play.

“What we’re trying to do is open the door so that anybody can play and they can experience all the great things of the Open. You can challenge yourself in a fun and safe, supportive environment and do some things that you didn’t think you could," says CrossFit Games competition director Adrian Bozman.

In addition to the Rx’d and scaled versions of the workouts, this year’s Open will include a new foundations version. Foundations versions of the workouts will be a step down in difficulty from scaled versions and are available for athletes who are newer to CrossFit or are experiencing some trepidation.

Equipment Free


The equipment-free option will not be a toned-down version of the Open. The workouts will challenge you in both skill and intensity. The best part? You can do this version of the Open from anywhere! Get fit in your living room, your garage, at any park, or on any flat space.

“If you go after it the way you should, you’re going to feel it," says CrossFit Games Head Judge Adrian Bozman.

Rx'd & Scaled


For a few years, CrossFit has offered Rx’d and scaled versions of Open workouts to provide athletes of varying skill levels the opportunity to choose the most appropriate version for their ability.

For athletes deciding between Rx’d and scaled workouts in the Open, Adrian Bozman says, “Have that conversation with your coach, take a look at what’s realistic for you, and get after it.”


If you have any questions about the CrossFit Open or class schedule for the next three weeks please let us know. Our goal is to make this a fun event for everyone and celebrate your fitness after getting through a very challenging year.

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