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Chikara Challenge

Starting April 13 we will be kicking off the FIRST EVER Chikara Challenge!

This is a FREE challenge for you, your friends, your family, your coworkers -- ANYONE who wants to put their mind on something positive.  

Let’s focus on something we can control, and work to build powerful habits to support immunity, build fitness, and improve mindset/lower stress NOW. 

Besides, with everything happening, you might have a lot more time on your hands! 

Let's take this time of uncertainty and BUILD CERTAINTY together!

Use the time to build your RESILIENCE. 

Grab your friends and family, and let's unite in this battle against fear and disruption. 


This challenge is totally customized to YOU, based on what you choose to focus on. 

One of the big problems with most "challenges" is that there is ONE SET OF RULES. 

And you must comply... but, the truth is, we’re living through a HIGHLY UNUSUAL time.. 

Plus, everyone is different, totally unique, and may want to focus on different habits! 

In the CHIKARA CHALLENGE  we are sticking to 3 CORE AREAS:  

  1. Supporting Immunity 

  2. Improving Mindset/Lowering Stress

  3. Building Fitness 

These are ALL things that have been shown to increase RESILIENCE. 

And there will be options within each area and you will choose 1 or more specific things to focus on! 

As an example, for supporting immunity, you might choose to sleep 8 hours, and eat a salad every day. For Improving mindset you might choose to develop a meditation practice on gratitude. And for building fitness, you might choose to do 3 at home workouts per week. 

We will have a COMPLETE list of options for you, as well as a simple PDF you can print at home for tracking purposes. 

We’re moving fast on this, and we’ll have more info coming soon! 

I hope you're SUPER EXCITED because this is an incredible opportunity to focus on things you may have been neglecting. 

The whole world seems to be going into panic… but here’s the thing: we can’t control the world, we can only control ourselves. So let’s make the best of this situation, and before we know it, it’ll all be over! 


If you have any questions let us know! 


How long is the challenge? 

This challenge will go for 6 Weeks. Honestly, we don’t know how long the current situation will last, but 6 weeks is a good length of time to make excellent progress on building powerful habits. 

Can I invite friends/Family? 

Absolutely, we will be having a KICKOFF Webinar on Saturday, 11 April at 2pm -- we will cover EVERYTHING and go into detail on the whole challenge. (It will be recorded so if someone can't make it it's not a problem!) 

What can I expect? 

Like I mentioned before this challenge is all about RESILIENCE. We will be working to keep things SIMPLE and FOCUSING on the powerful things that make the biggest difference.