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Meet Sachiko


Sachiko is a certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher at Semperviva in Vancouver. And then she decided to start teaching to share her experience. Sachiko's classes are deep smooth explorations of breath and movement guided with kindness. It's suitable for all levels, (very welcome to beginners! ) expect to flow with your breath, and meditation, everything releases your whole body and mind, and give yourself lots of love! 

バンクーバーでヨガのアライアンスを取得、その時に今までに感じたことのない心の豊かさに出会い年齢、性別問わずいろんな人に広げていきたいと思いインストラクターの道に進むことを決意。 ゆっくりとした深い呼吸と共にポーズをとっていくので、初心者の方にも安心してクラスにご参加いただけます。…more…
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高校生の時に始めたダンスをきっかけに人に想いを伝えることに喜びを感じ、インストラクターになることを決意。 専門学校卒業後、ホットヨガスタジオ社員としてレッスンを担当。 ヨガをより多くの人に勧めたい、という思いでフリーインストラクターに転向。 現在はホットヨガ、常温ヨガ、フィットネスインストラクターとして活動中。 自分と向き合う時間を大切にし、快適にヨガを楽しんでもらうことを心がけて日々ヨガの輪を広げています。

Meet Maiko


Maiko Kurata has been practicing and teaching yoga at Semperviva yoga studio in Vancouver,Canada and is ERYT 500 with Yoga alliance and lead faculty member in yoga teacher training and retreat in Canada, Japan and Greece.

Her passion for yoga spans all styles from Yin, to Hatha to Kundalina. Maiko leads many popular events in Tokyo such as Morning Glory and workshops.

Maiko has studied with many of Semperviva’s most loved Master Teachers such as Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Seane Corn, Max Strom, and Mark Whitwell. 

At Chikara Maiko will be teaching Hatha Yoga.  This class…


Meet Eriko

Eriko Yoga on the beach

Eriko started her yoga journey looking for exercise. While her body became flexible, her mind also became soft and relaxed. And she knew that all answers are inside of ourselves. Her life became so exiting both on and off the mat.

From 2012 to 2015, she studied Lila yoga, Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, and had a RYT200 certification. This summer, she taught beach yoga and SUP yoga at Shonan beach.

Her class at Chikara is basic Hatha yoga, moving with deep breath. Let's have a relaxing time and big gratitude to our own body!